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Our Mission

We believe people are the key to an organization’s success. Our mission is to build resilient leaders and drive meaningful change through diverse thought and deliberate conversations.

Our Services

Executive Coaching – Developing Agile Leaders

Executive growth is the outcome of clear goals, honest feedback, and let’s be real – navigating politics.

As a leader in today’s workforce, you are facing more challenges. Change is seemingly the only constant, and decoding ambiguity whilst balancing tactical goals with emotional intelligence are foundational prerequisites for success.

Culture and Organization Change

The key to successful change management is to seamlessly integrate change into an organization’s daily operation. We do not overcomplicate matters; we combine what we know about people and processes to create a fit-for-purpose solution.

We can align with an organization’s way of managing the change, using a customized method or an industry-recognized framework, such as PROSCI or Lean.

Proven Assessments to Help Our Clients Grow

At the start of every coaching partnership, Wildfire Consulting measures our clients’ capabilities setting appropriate goals and building strategies to achieve real and lasting results. These benchmarks are valuable metrics that enable us to meet clients where they are.

Why Choose WildFire?

We believe in cultivating authentic conversations to discover the right strategy and provide your company with a leadership map to success. After a baseline discovery, we build a coaching plan to fit your business moving it toward psychological safety and increased agility.

Our commitment to your company is to craft a reflective environment yielding diversity, personal and professional development, and a continuous improvement mindset.

Companies We Work With:

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